Osteoporosis – the condition that weakens bones and makes them break easily especially during falls – has been shown to trigger an increased risk of sudden deafness, say medical experts in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Researchers say that women who suffer from osteoporosis or brittle bones have almost double the risk of developing sudden deafness compared to those who do not suffer from it.

They now believe that as the bones thin and weaken other systems in the body can be affected, such as hearing abilities.

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss or sudden deafness is an unexplained, rapid hearing deterioration that usually happens in one ear.

Many people later regain their hearing but it is believed immediate treatment with steroid drugs may help. Around 85 per cent of people treated for the condition recover some hearing but the rest do not.

The study included 10000 people with osteoporosis and was led by researchers at the Chi Mei Medical Center in Taiwan.

The paper’s co-author Doctor Kai-Jen Tien says: “A growing body of evidence indicates that osteoporosis affects not only bone health but the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems.”

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