Deaf children from Africa are looking to find a good way to isolate themselves and to find happiness, and in the end, as they always say, they are still fighting for justice, as the missionary said. Missionary teachers show African children. David Worlobah is a teacher of the deaf in one room at a school in Liberia. He thought that it is very more valuable to educate the deaf, but it does not matter the age limit, especially in education. He did not want Liberian deaf students to have a low priority, so he focused on the course so that everyone could get an education. David Worlobah and United Methodist Missionary volunteers hope, “We want to develop further.” David visited the neighborhood around the church, where he first met the deaf poor Neeka. He had never gone to school before. He allegedly worked in the aisles as a shoe cleaner. Neeka seldom made money on coins. Sometimes he gave him coins to help, because he wanted to be educated too. David had never met Neeka before communicating, and after a few months Neeka began to study basic knowledge better. Neeka said to himself: It is an important school for me, because it will teach me more and more.

Teacher David Worlobah said to himself: We must all have communication skills. He worried about them as responsible. He had previously worked with the missionaries, but now the missionaries ended up in Liberia and left. In the meantime, Worlobah himself teaches.

Informed the Hope of the Deaf that they received a lot of blacks punished, due to taking part in the opportunity for the ancient civil war they were in Liberia. Here are refugees among neighbors from the states: Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. It is estimated that about 20% of these people are hearing impaired. In Liberia, where now the capital of Monrovia has changed a little than after the bloody
civil wars that have been around for quite some time. It was not until 1996 that she took
over as the authority and head of state, which is ruled by the current president as the
first lady named Perry.

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