Did you know that 1 in 4 Queensland Prep students has undiagnosed hearing loss?

The Hear and Say Foundation tested 550 QLD students, and the results were shocking!

24% were found to have hearing problems that required further examination by a GP or audiologist. And in some areas the rate was as high as 50%.

Mum Lanu Tepa was one of the shocked parents receiving the notice that her daughter had some hearing loss. She told news.com.au: “It started to explain a lot of things to us. We would call her and she wouldn’t answer. We were thinking, what is wrong with this child? But it was that.” “I don’t think we would have known anything if Hear and Say hadn’t gone to her school.”

Is your child misbehaving or not listening?

It may be the result of not hearing properly and not the terrible two’s. Hearing HQ encourages everyone to check their kids hearing on a regular basis as hearing loss can present at any age – not just at birth when standard hearing testing is done.

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